Email Configuration

General configuration details for email clients

It is strongly recommended you always use either STARTTLS or SSL/TLS on both your incoming and outgoing email connections for optimum security.

General email settings

Generally you shouldn't need to know more than this to set-up your email client.
Username your full email address
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP or POP3)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

email system details

For users wanting to customise their experience.  We recommend using encrypted IMAP with an up to date email client like Thunderbird for example.
PORT Service Direction Note
25 SMTP outgoing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (+STARTTLS)
2525 SMTP outgoing Alternative port for when your ISP sucks and blocks port 25 (yes looking at you Telstra)
110 POP3 incoming Post Office Protocol v3 (+STARTTLS)
143 IMAP incoming Internet Message Access Protocol (+STARTTLS)
465 SMTPS outgoing SMTP connections secured by SSL
587 SMTPS outgoing often default alternative by Mail User Agents like Thunderbird Outlook etc.
993 IMAPS incoming IMAP with SSL encryption all the way
995 POP3S incoming POP3 with SSL encryption all the way
4190 SIEVE incoming A server side filtering system (also accessible under Settings / Filters in RoundCube

Alternative DNS hostnames

While will work for all connection types we also accept these for convenience to: