What motivation often looks like

I haven't posted for quite awhile. I've been extremely consumed with a long list of tasks both professionally and personally. I've made some great progress in both arenas, DB Informatics now has new server infrastructure with a host of new benefits and abilities for clients of all shapes and size, more on this later.


This summer my aquaponics system has been thriving better than ever before. Several months ago I successfully cured a parasite issue with the fish with repeated salt baths.  It all paid off and we've been enjoying endless cherry tomatoes, lovely corn, sweet rock melon, loads of bok choy, mega zuccuni and the list goes on.

Scooping Fish

Family support

This morning however after breakfast I did my usual pilgrimage down to the system to check and admire when I made a shocking discovery. All 200 of my Silver Perch fish were lying on the bottom of the tank, I arrived just in time to witness the last poor fish at the surface literally taking its last gasps of air.  It's a huge blow and very distressing, I found the silver perch very difficult at first as they are a sensitive fish.  I wasn't really every intending to eat any of them, they can live a long time, over 20 years I've read, rather I was going to distribute many to a different system and some to a farm dam.  Tonight I'll be giving them all a short memorial service and burying them under the fruit trees where they will contribute one last time.

Anyhow, the main reason for this post however isn't a self pity party but rather a self reminder that it so often takes heart ache and pain to motivate. For over a year I've been needing and intending to rebuild my computerised aquaponic monitoring system but I allowed many other pressures to take precedence. Today I paid the price and its a bitter pill indeed.  On the upside, over the last 12 months I've achieved a lot and made much progress in other areas, many of them more important.  But today I have had new resolve thrust upon me to build and complete the monitoring system.  I hate to see anything living thing suffer and I will be working hard to ensure chances of it recurring are greatly reduced.

So with that raw reminder of how ugly motivation can be its back to the ever important paying work now, but tonight there will be both sadness and planning for happier times.

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