Silver perch arrival

Today we received 25 healthy silver perch which we ordered from Livefish, shipped to our door from Queensland in highly oxygenated bags for around $2.50, that's pretty good value. Over the last few days I've been doing my best to get my pH down to a better level, it was sitting around 8.2 but I now have it at around 7.6. I top up the tank with around 20 liters each day to cover evaporation with town water from Mount Barker which seems to be incredibly alkaline.

The kids released the fingerlings into their new home and they appear to have taken to it very well despite the prolonged heat we've had lately. I was worried they would swim down the water overflow pipes since they can fit at the moment, but so far they seem to know better.

The goldfish which have grown to a healthy size have been relocated to the sump tank, they probably prefer it as its darker and more private down there too, I'll be giving them away when winter approached to make room for a winter batch of trout I intend to purchase.

So if all goes well and if we don't get too attached to our new fish then in 12 to 18 months I expect to be enjoying a meal of silver perch. :)

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