Rainbow trout stock

Yesterday I took a drive up to the Tooperang Rainbow Trout Farm and purchased 70 Rainbow trout fingerling. Much to my children's amusement their Latin name is oncorhynchus mykiss. They had to spend their first night in a 350L holding tank until I managed to catch the silver perch


fingerling and move them into the sump where they will spend winter, after many attempts that involved a range of fish nets and even a drag net attempt (using tree netting) they eluded capture, they are very small and very fast. In the end it took a yabbie styled trap to get them, they curiously swam in but couldn't figure how to get back out.

I expect the silver perch to go pretty dormant over the cooler months where as I need the trout to fatten up before summer. The trout are a very pretty fish and far more active than the perch, they come to the top to feed were as the perch never would. Sadly I also learned that trout love to jump, I lost 4 this way before placing a net over the tank to restrict their leaps of faith.

I've pretty much got the pH under control now and able to keep it around 6.4pH, the few veggies I've got growing already look better and are not so effected by bugs now too. Today I will be receiving a delivery of steel that I've ordered which will allow me to start the greenhouse frame build too, that is where most of my attention will now go as its starting to get very cold now.

Hopefully in spring we'll be enjoying some fresh trout with organic / aquaponic veggies.

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