Our proverbial leaky tap

No matter how fast we pedal it always just feels like we are keeping up with our clients but not finding time for our own presentation. So after been very sorely overdue we are finally thrilled to have our site redesign finally launched.

I intend to be active in sharing things like web knowledge, site content structuring, SEO tips, getting more from eZ Publish and anything else that I feel will add value to someone responsible for maintaining the site content.

Its been put to me that my tech-hermit persona and preference for dark rooms isn't ideal in fostering client relationships and even worse I had to agree. So in an effort to 'appear' more extrovert I thought I'd come out (socially speaking) online via this blog. I've never really been good at separating my personal and working life, perhaps that's a normal part of running of your business. I've actually come to embrace it, I primarily work from a home office and we home educate our children, so my family life and working life intertwine and flow naturally together throughout the whole day and I really like it that way. I find it very holistic and natural to do things as diverse as help my kids, work with clients and check on our aquaponic garden all in the same hour. So in that vein I thought I'd try an unusual experiment, rather than taking the normal approach of separating my work/corporate, social and personal interests I'd weave them together. It may go over like a lead balloon and make me look "unprofessional" but in any case it will be a more genuine look into my life, understandings and environment that I enjoy.

Once underway I'll endeavor to categorise the content so those who cringed in reading the above paragraph need only follow the genre of interest to them without having to endure the other "guff".

Would love to hear peoples thoughts on the concept.

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