New backend user interface

Damien Pobel is French based member of the eZ developers team, for the 12 months his been tucked away in the eZ kitchens working hard on administration user interface and the previews are mouth watering.

Once mature the new interface will make way for users ready to not run any legacy code as its developed fully for eZ v5.  In the below video Damien gives a working tour of the prototype which he says is broken into two princple parts, content management, things like content creation, editing, hiding, moving and system administration like manage users, languages, security etc.

Traditionally eZ Systems has erred on the side of conservative with administration interfaces, preferring wider compatibility over more cutting edge techniques. With this release this changes with a strong use of HTML5/JS/AJAX/REST, in fact the code base currently is composed of 88% JavaScript to only 2% of PHP!  The whole experience has been re-engineered from the ground up so this is not just a prettier interface to the same foundation.  It also promises to be touch friendly for devices like iPad and Android tablets.

Enjoy what Damien describes as "Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha" preview.

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