Learning the hard way

Sadly I lost around 5 fish through a not so funny comedy of errors. After adding the silver perch fingerling to my tank I later realised the tanks outlet mesh screen was too large and allowed the fish to swim in and out of the pipes freely. I only discovered this by finding a "anchovy" on the gravel of my grow bed, I was amazed it made it through all the pipes. The kids and I flushed the pipes into a bucket and got around 20 out in total, I then placed a small container on the grow-bed inlet so if more came they had a 'pool' to paddle in until I found them. It was a great plan except I didn't account for an early bird arriving for breakfast before me each morning.

If this wasn't bad enough I then added 25ml of hydrochloric acid which I'd done many times before to lower my pH but I've since learned that fingerling are more sensitive to the gold fish (duh!), subsequently I killed several more. I'm a monster! I've now created a temporary work-around which is supprisingly effective for a quick temporary measure;

  1. get a jar
  2. puncture the lid with a small nail and create two diagonally opposite small holes
  3. fill the jar with water
  4. add suitable dose of hydrochloric acid
  5. accidentally take a whiff of fumes and burn your nostrils (optional)
  6. tightly replace lid
  7. place jar upside down in your system where it will be able to dilute further
  8. tilt jar to increase / decrease drip rate

As you can see its quite controlled. The drops mix with the water leaving the grow-bed and going into the sump where the gold-fish currently reside, by the time it reaches the fingerling it should be very heavily diluted.

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