DRM in HTML5 - no thanks!

For a long time now I've had a concern over the film industry's growing influence on Governments and society in general.  They appear to have unlimited funds and unsettling levels of access and influence to our Governments.  Now even more concernedly they are trying to influence WC3 (a consortium who establish web standards) to include digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5.  Imagine for a moment what the impact on society would be if DRM was inherent in every pad and paper.  It's an absurd notion that serves no one but the monolithic business models trying to impose it.  Defective By Design have a petition up and are hoping to reach 50,000 signers by May 3rd, 2013 when they will personally deliver the signatures to the W3C. So I encourage you to add your name.

On a broader note but still related, if you aren't aware of the Australian Pirate Party now might be a good time to do so.  You should see their name on the ballot papers in the upcoming elections.  They have a funny name but want to see changes in areas like Patent and Copyright laws which no longer serve their original intent.

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