Bill the grateful visitor

Today my wife heard a rustle in the hedgerow (figuratively speaking) and upon investigation discovered a koala up a gumtree in our back yard. Sadly Bill, as I named him had his foot stuck in an animal trap of some sort. The RSPCA was called and a volunteer came around to inspect things. Neither of us was willing to climb the gumtree and tackle the sharp clawed drop-bear so it was decided to wait until Bill descended around dusk (we hoped) and grab him then.

Now the quandary is how to work in the office and also keep an eye on Bill to ensure he doesn't make off early with the trap still attached. Since every problem has a technical solution I got busy and setup a video camera, attached the DV output via firewire to a laptop, installed the very neat opensource program DVSwitch and streamed the video feed back to my office so I could continue working while keeping an eye on Bill. Now before my I'd hardly had time to sit down and appreciate my own brilliance the wife, who been a more action orientated person with the help of friends had coaxed the koala to lower branches and removed the trap. Bill who didn't seemed to phased by all this climbed back up the branch to resume his sleep since his usual 20 hour nap had been rudely interrupted. Fortunately his paw seemed fine, no blood and he was using it without any apparent discomfort.

So with the excitement over I packed up my toys and got back to work, somewhat dissatisfied that my technology didn't play a larger role. Anyway I had been meaning to install and test DVSwitch for awhile so it wasn't all a loss and above all its the first Koala we've seen since living here in Littlehampton which was really nice.

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