eZ Publish 5 - story 1: basic edit
Roland Benedetti of eZ Systems has released the first of six 'stories' which is an innovative way to communicate and generate discussion on the UX & UI under development which wil replace the existing eZ 4 legacy version. This first story explains the flow of performing a basic edit on a content object, navigating the content tree, editing, previewing and publishing. My initial reactions are very positive, it looks well thought out and smo... Read More

DATED : 13 March, 2013 15:12

Silver perch arrival
Today we received 25 healthy silver perch which we ordered from Livefish, shipped to our door from Queensland in highly oxygenated bags for around $2.50, that's pretty good value. Over the last few days I've been doing my best to get my pH down to a better level, it was sitting around 8.2 but I now have it at around 7.6. I top up the tank with around 20 liters each day to cover evaporation with town water from Mount Barker which seems to be in... Read More

DATED : 12 March, 2013 17:52

Drip drip
No matter how fast we pedal it always just feels like we are keeping up with our clients but not finding time for our own presentation. So after been very sorely overdue we are finally thrilled to have our site redesign finally launched.I intend to be active in sharing things like web knowledge, site content structuring, SEO tips, getting more from eZ Publish and anything else that I feel will add value to someone responsible for mai... Read More

DATED : 19 February, 2013 19:45